Aviator Men’s Pilot Smartwatch

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Mixing modern technology with classic styling. Chronograph quartz analogue movement and rotating world-time bezel in a solid 46mm stainless steel case. The watch communicates with your iOS or Android smartphone and displays via the in-dial LED screen: incoming call alert, caller ID, missed calls, SMS, email, social media, calendar events, lost phone alert, pedometer, calorie counter, sleep monitor. It’s water resistant to 5ATM and comes with a two year international warranty.

Did you know?

Since the dawn of time, humans have dreamt of flying. The history of powered and controlled aviation, which began in the early 1900s, is inseparably connected to that of wristwatches.

As aviators experienced difficulties checking their pocket watches to time their performance during flights, they started to look for a solution. This resulted in the development of men’s wristwatches, which allowed aviators to keep both hands on the controls.

From then on, wristwatches evolved from robust to sophisticated designs, along with the progression of aircrafts from gliders to supersonic planes. The brand Aviator pays tribute to the history of aviation, embodying watches within this amazing story. Each family of watches represents a different era in the development of aviation.

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