I-Clip Wallet - Soft Touch Oak

Code: 166865

This wallet is made of naturally tanned cowhide leather.

Thanks to it’s pull-up effect, it is easy to make scratches disappear with your fingertips through little pressure and friction or with the help of a soft cloth. The natural oils in the leather are being distributed and the scratches leveled out. 

  • Genuine, high-quality, naturally tanned thick cowhide leather (chromium free)
  • High-tech, permanently flexible Robutense™ frame
  • Holds up to 12 cards as well as your bills
  • Comes with one set of RFID shields. Size: 86 x 65 x 17mm

About the brand.

The company behind the brand I-CLIP is FLUX DESIGN PRODUCTS GmbH. We develop and produce products which help everyday needs in so many different activities and the I-CLIP wallet is just the best example for that. This is why we intend to be the leader, to improve everyone's life in any matter.

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