Bottega sparkling set in ice bag 4X20CL

Code: 180449

Dedicated to sparkling wine lovers across the world, this set contains Bottega  premium sparkling Italian wines. Whether you fancy white or rosé bubbles, sweet or dry taste,  they are excellent aperitif, perfect drink for your moments of indulgence, and the best bubbly to celebrate a special occasion. The set is composed of 4 bottles coming in a trendy and useful Icebag, to chill and serve your favourite Bottega wine. Grab and taste!

The BOTTEGA brand    

Distilleria Bottega is the company  located at Bibano di Godega S.U (TV), 45 km from Venice and a short drive from Conegliano Veneto , the romantic  capital of the Prosecco growing region and the throbbing heart of the tradition of Grappa. The premises are located in a large, 19th century farmstead surrounded by 30 hectares of vineyards.

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