Bulldog Gin 1 Litre

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BULLDOG London Dry Gin is a multi-award winning, globally present premium gin. Its Brazenly British crafting happens at a UK distillery that has been making the highest quality gin for over 250 years. BULLDOG is distilled in traditional copper pot stills using 100% British wheat and water. The 12 botanicals in BULLDOG Gin are sourced from 8 countries and are hand-picked from the same regions each year for consistency. This includes 3 botanicals which are entirely unique to BULLDOG including Chinese lotus leaves, Turkish white poppy and Chinese dragon eye. This blend of unique botanicals, combined with its 40% alcohol content, give BULLDOG an unexpectedly smooth and balanced flavour with a crisp finish.

Housed in a smoked-grey tinted bottle with deep-purple hues, broad shoulders and an iconic spiked collar, BULLDOG is a London dry-style, the most premium methods of making gin and as a result of its painstaking distillation process, it exudes a smooth and harmonious texture with a distinctive flavor, while its seductive notes of fruit and citrus lend it a refreshingly crisp character and supremely balanced finish, rendering it the most versatile and mixable gin.  


White Poppy ● Dragon Eye ● Lotus Leaves ● Cassia ● Almond ● Juniper ● Orris ● Lemon ● Liquorice ● Lavender ● Angelica ● Coriander


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