Ciroc Vodka

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CÎROC® is an exquisitely, fresh, aromatic, elegant vodka distilled from fine French Mauzac and Ugni Blanc grapes.  Historically, vodka has been made from natural and local sources of fermentable sugars and starches, but CÎROC® is innovative in its use of cold maceration, fermentation and storage processes. Until now, only the top fine wine producers implemented these practices. 1 Litre 40 per cent ABV

Did you know?

Unlike most vodkas, which are made from grain, CÎROC™ Ultra-Premium Vodka is gluten-free and distilled from fine French grapes; a process inspired by over a century of wine-making expertise and craftsmanship. It is the fine French grapes and the fifth distillation at the historic Distillerie de Chevanceaux in the South of France that give CÎROC™ Ultra-Premium Vodka a distinctive flavor with an exceptionally fresh, citrus taste.


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