Happy Plugs Deluxe Rose Gold Earphones

Code: 200827

Add the best look, the best sound and the best price and you get the recipe that makes Happy Plugs Deluxe Edition, the world’s most luxurious earphones. Simply a whole new experience for your stylish everyday life — jewellery and sound combined.

It started with a love stroy...

Happy Plugs was born at the end of 2011 when the founder Andreas Vural was looking for a pair of colorful headphones for his girlfriend. 
When he didn’t have any luck, he finally took the matter in his own hands - and painted a pair of headphones himself. And she and her 
friends loved them! He then realised there was room for well-designed and affordable quality headphones that went beyond functionality
within the tech space. From this belief, the brand Happy Plugs was born.

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