ME to WE Food Rafiki Bracelet

Code: 154350

In Swahili, the word for friend is rafiki. Wear your passion for changing the world and spark a wave of positive change with this Rafiki that gives one month of healthy food to a person in a community overseas. Made with colourful glass beads threaded onto a stretchy, 48” cord.

Behind the beads.

When you wear ME to WE, you make a powerful statement about the kind of world you want to create — taking your place in a movement of people who know that our everyday choices can change the world. ME to WE Artisans empowers women in communities across the globe to turn their beading traditions, passed down through generations, into a thriving source of income — empowering them as role models who are leading change in their families and communities. “ME to WE Artisans has really empowered me so I can buy goats, food and clothing for myself and my family,” says Selina, one of 1,400 women employed in Kenya through ME to WE Artisans. “It has really helped. I paid school fees, bought maize, shoes, books and uniforms.” Selina hopes that she’ll be able to save enough to send her daughter Naserian to high school and university to become a doctor. With every ME to WE purchase, you’re not only supporting women like Selina, you’re also making a positive impact in a WE Charity partner community overseas. Track Your Impact at WE.org by entering the unique code from each product package to learn about where and how your impact was made.

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