How to Pre-order Home Delivery Duty Free Products

When using the home delivery service from Retail Therapy, you can enjoy a stress-free shopping experience with purchases delivered straight to your door.*

*Home Delivery is only available within the United Kingdom. No flight requirement.

Read through the step-by-step instructions below to understand how to order using home delivery with Retail Therapy:

Start shopping

To start shopping you may click on the home delivery tab and select the category you require.

To find the product you can also enter the keyword or the name of the product in the search box on the top right of the screen and press the search button.


All new customers must register to purchase from Retail Therapy. You can register by:

a) Clicking the link in the log-in area located along the top of the home page (Register) 

b) The link at the bottom of the home page (My account - login or register) or 

c) You can also start shopping straight away and then register when you check out.

Once you are registered a PIN number will be sent to the email account given.  You may then use this to log in and start shopping.

Shopping for goods

Once you have clicked on a category, all items within that category will come up.  When you click onto a product`s image you will be able to:

See the short description

See the price and the SAVE price

See the product code - specific for each product

You will be able to purchase this item by clicking onto the ADD TO CART button.

You may change the quantity of product to order. 

Please note that fragrances, tobacco and alcohol are not available for home delivery. Items which are not available for home delivery will be identified within the product description.

Shopping Basket

Once you have added items to your shopping basket you can change the quantity of items by changing the quantity number and pressing the update button.  Press the X symbol to delete all products from your shopping basket.

Your shopping basket will show you:

The sub total price excluding VAT, this is added at check-out

Any relevant promotional discounts 

The total price after savings

Once you have finished adding all your items to the shopping basked press the checkout now button.  This will take you to the checkout and delivery information area. Please select the home delivery option.   

Please note we can only offer home delivery within the UK and the costs are £5.15 for first class and £3.50 for second class. Click next and it will take you through the payment system.  Tick which credit card you will be using to pay for your Duty Free goods and then press next.  Enter in your card details and check that the address/flight information entered is correct.  Wait for card verification.  A confirmation will then be sent to your registered email address.

Receiving your goods

Please make sure your keep your order number/receipt for proof of purchase. All items will be dispatched next working day.